Miss Tea – Part of Us

Stir — $180
2022, Photographic print, 42 x 29.7cm

This photograph holds a deep, personal significance and special place in my heart, as it signifies a journey towards accepting and embracing the aspects of my identity associated with kink. Viewing it brings me immense joy and it is a testament to my ever-growing pride in celebrating this authentic version of myself that was once shrouded in shame.

The inclusion of the tea cup becomes a symbolic bridge between myself, my partner and the viewer; intertwining my own identity (I have been an avid tea lover for many, many years which has where my kink moniker, Miss Tea, was born) into the scene. While creating this image, I found myself embarking on a personal journey, using the lens to explore and embrace my identity as a kink practitioner, finding beauty and authenticity within vulnerability.

Stopping to smell the roses — $180
2023, Photographic print, 42 x 29.7cm

I wanted to challenge the stereotypical images we generally see of kink and instead invite you to see, and appreciate, the inherent beauty and tenderness present in such connections found within BDSM.

Here, the rope takes on a different role, gently cradling rather than confining. It becomes a symbol of connection and trust, emphasizing the softer aspects of the experience. I included roses, intentional in their placement, to accentuate and amplify the beauty intrinsic to her submission and the intricate dynamics that weave through our connection. This photograph encapsulates not just a moment of physical connection but an exploration of the profound beauty found within the nuances of vulnerability and intimacy.

About Miss Tea

Miss Tea is a queer Shibari artist, rope educator and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Since coming out, the artist has been able to open themselves up to the things that they truly enjoy, and parts of themselves that they have always been ashamed to explore. Over the past 6 years, Miss Tea has come to embrace every wonderful, colourful and twisted part of themselves. She hopes that through sharing her work, they can inspire others to open themselves up to, and embrace all of those dark corners of themselves.