Kath Harding – Part of Us

Infinite Intensity 1 — $290
2023, White charcoal on Black Paper, 44 x 35cm

Infinite Intensity 2 — $290
2023, White charcoal on Black Paper, 44 x 35cm

The original sketches were completed between 12-15 years ago and developed today. The artworks called Infinite Intensity 1 and 2 unfold onto black paper where the absence of colour serves as a backdrop, intensifying the stark contrast of the white charcoal strokes. The composition centres around two entwined figures engaged in a BDSM encounter, their bodies becoming an intricate dance of shadows and illumination. The composition is dynamic, with sweeping lines suggesting movement and fluidity. The figures are engaged in a carefully choreographed dance, exploring the boundaries of pleasure and pain. The artist captures the essence of the BDSM scene by depicting the exchange of power and trust through the nuanced interplay of light and shadow.

About Kath Harding

Kath Harding, an Australian surrealist artist with a diverse background in Fine Arts, Design, and a Masters in Architecture, has recently shifted to full-time art after a nearly three-decade career.

Her work, marked by bold minimal palettes, explores changing truths and perceptions, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With a notable career in arts, architecture, and teaching, Kath has received recognition through awards, exhibitions, and residencies, including the International Women’s Day Art Prize, and a residency at Bundanon Trust