Jeni Mulvey – Under the Rainbow, Together

Trajectories — window installation
2023-24, Textiles, acrylic paint, pigment, metal, installation size: 200 x 150 x 180cm

This artwork has a renewal each time it is installed.  The ‘Trajectories’ iteration winds a journey through its material transparency and opacity, a reflection on our LGBTQIA+ journeys of coming out to self and in our social relationships. The colours of the rainbow are present throughout although not united in form, rather they are a chaos of layers that speak to the complexity of lives. The mark making, staining and form of the textile changes in its various displays, allowing different interpretations depending on its surrounding environment or ‘community’ and the viewer’s imagination.

Wishing Whirl — room installation, interactive
2024, Textiles, acrylic paint, pigment, metal, installation size: 250 120 x 100cm

This artwork forms a relationship with Trajectories with continued use of textiles, rainbow-themed colour and entwined suspended form. The Wishing Whirl borrows from the concept of the wishing well where the community is invited to place their wishes for their/our PRIDE future into the Whirl (pinned and dangled to share with others).

The work invites its audience to move around it, look into it, to find the diversity of forms, colour combinations and apertures.  To see others through its transparent parts, to share their reflections or fleeting moments of exchange.  The work offers an opportunity to wonder and celebrate the possible futures of our PRIDE community as integral within our greater community.

Invitation to participate

  1. Please choose a colour tag and write your wish on the tag.
  2. Choose a location to hang your tag on the Wishing Whirl
  3. Share your wish and encourage others to add to the Whirl of Wishes @pridewishingwhirl & #pridewishingwhirl
  4. After the exhibition the artist will create another artwork from your wishes to celebrate Our Future. Follow the artist on instagram to see more @jenimulvey_artist

About Jeni Mulvey

Jeni Mulvey is an artist with a curious and creative bent in the exploration of identity and culture, valuing socially accessible art and opportunities for dialogue and engagement this can bring.

Mulvey graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney in 2021 with the NAVA Award for Professional Practice.  Their art practice focuses on process as much as outcome, exploring iterations of making and accidental revelations.  The use of transparency, texture and possible associations of objects or materials is central to the expression of the artist’s experience, research and thinking.

The artist has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Sydney and their work is held in collections around Australia and in Scotland.