Fern – Part of Us

Solace — $300
2023, canvas giclee print, 60.96 x 91.44cm
photography A Gecko, @agecko.au

The morning captured in this piece encapsulates a pivotal moment, a melting pot where the diverse parts of myself aligned within my place of solace.

In the background, Dyurrite stands stoically on the horizon. To me, this place has always been more than mere sun-baked quartzite rocks and cliffs; it is a sanctuary. A place where I first learnt to climb cliffs, a place to make community in The Pines campground. For me, this location is a place to find solace from the world. I have spent years amongst these crags discovering my strengths, pondering my identities, seeking shelter and safe harbour with the orange rock beneath my sweaty hands and ropes trailing between my legs. This location offers me moments of contemplation and assists me with my own personal story amongst an incredible community.

About Fern

Fern, a queer neurodivergent woman, expresses her creativity through rope. As an instructor, Fern is dedicated to rope bondage education. Through ‘Hitchcraft’, she teaches safe rope practices in an inclusive space for LGTIQA+, gender-diverse, disabled folk and their allies.

Fern is supported by A Gecko, an avid explorer and landscape/Urbex photographer since 2008. Together, Fern and A Gecko merge their distinct styles to explore unconventional rope compositions and contemplate the human experience.