Fern – Part of Us

Industrial Barriers, Natural Flows — $150 each
2023, giclee prints, sizes variable
photography A Gecko, @agecko.au

Industrial Barriers, Natural Flows is a series of five photographs exploring the interplay between personal narratives, connection, and self-discovery.

At the heart of this collection lies the juxtaposition between gritty urban environments and nature, highlighting how human vulnerability underscores the complexity of our lived experiences.

Each image features Fern bound in rope, representing the duality of constraint and liberation inherent in the human experience. Urban settings highlight resilience amidst decay, while natural landscapes evoke freedom and harmony with the earth.

About Fern

Fern, a queer neurodivergent woman, expresses her creativity through rope. As an instructor, Fern is dedicated to rope bondage education. Through ‘Hitchcraft’, she teaches safe rope practices in an inclusive space for LGTIQA+, gender-diverse, disabled folk and their allies.

Fern is supported by A Gecko, an avid explorer and landscape/Urbex photographer since 2008. Together, Fern and A Gecko merge their distinct styles to explore unconventional rope compositions and contemplate the human experience.