Angela Jursevics – Under the Rainbow, Together

A Pink Wink (at Keith Haring) — $550
2023, Lino print, 50 x 50cm

A Pink Wink (at Keith Haring) is a nod to the work of Keith Haring (1958-1990), a gay American Pop artist whose work was a significant, perhaps defining, part of the New York graffiti and gay culture of the 1990s. He brought often confronting gay sexuality, gay and lesbian identity and safe sex art to the streets and galleries of NY. He helped to push back the boundaries of gay isolation and improve the accessibility of art to all. “A Pink Wink (at Keith Haring)” is after a work of Haring’s that graced a single cover for David Bowie, a gender boundary-braker himself.

I want to acknowledge the work of Haring as an example of how the bold and brave people of our past has helped to get us to where we are today.

About Angela Jursevics

Angela Jursevics is a Sydney based artist, print-maker (relief (lino, mono and mixed media)) and sculptor. Her work, strongly influenced by pop art, is bright, bold, positive and often whimsical. It focuses on and celebrates the details of everyday life, events and objects. It champions and honours past lesbian and gay culture and gives a well-deserved nod to the people who have helped pave the way for the broader “we others". Angela has been a finalist and won a number of awards in art and sculptor shows including bentART, Art on the Greenway, the Greenway Art Prize, Sculpture at Scenic World and Sculpture at Shaw.