Nalini — $600 (framed)
2023, acrylic and oil on canvas, 35 x 25 cm

In Deep Conversation — $800 (framed)
2023, mixed media, 33 x 33 cm



I am an Indian-born artist based in Sydney, Australia, my studio is in Willoughby, NSW. I hold a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) (COFA).

I have had several groups shows and solos. I have been finalist in many competitions. In 2021, I completed residency in France. Recently, I completed of an artist residency in New York with Visual school of Art. This experience contributed to my growth as an artist and have influenced the development of my recent works.

My artistic creations often display a captivating interplay between abstract colours and drawn images. my paintings tend to be suggestive of figures from Indian mythology and its narratives, connecting art to my cultural roots. These figures are not literal representations but are rather semi-abstract and gestural, allowing viewers to engage with the artwork on multiple levels.

My creative process is intuitive and impulsive approach. art evolves organically through a series of layers involving colours and mark-making. My canvas becomes a space of negotiation between drawn images and the deliberate subtraction of elements, resulting in a final composition that embodies these gestural and instinctive processes. As a result, my paintings are characterised by dynamic Process Narratives that unfold visually on the canvas.

In this painting, I am celebrating and remembering my mum. In month of October, In Hindu religion we celebrate Sharadda- is act that performed with all sincerity and absolute faith in it, we pay homage to one’s ancestor’s, especially to one’s dead parents.
I am bridging the realms of abstraction, mythology, and intuitive creation.

In Deep Conversation
In this painting, there is conversation with demon or past sharing intimate details of your respective worlds fostering a sense of trust.’

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