Currarong Rock Platform — $349 (framed) / $199 (unframed)
2022, hand coloured lino print, 33 x 46 cm


Swan Lake, South Coast — $249 (framed) / $129 (unframed)
2022, hand coloured lino print, 35.5 x 35 cm


‘I studied printmaking at the City Art Institue, Sydney (now COFA) from 1985 – 87. After exploring other artforms, teaching and raising kids, I rediscovered the joy and accessibilty of the print process. Since 2005 I have focussed on linoprinting and am most well known for my depictions of iconic and sometimes overlooked inner west structures. These days I work in my Marrickville studio and as a specialist art teacher in a local school.’

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