Washed Memory — $300
2023, ink, 33 x 26 cm


Memory, what is forgotten, what is remembered? At times memories are buried, hidden under the distance that comes with the passage of time. I am intrigued by the idea that memories can be influenced and shaped by images and the role that repetition plays in this. This is particularly true in relation to the amount of news we are exposed to. Social media and 24-hour rolling news cycles have added intensity to this exposure.

My art practice is a response to working in a newsroom; and a meditation of mark-making, my own testimony on what happens throughout a daily news-cycle, providing me with an opportunity to process and reflect. The fluidity of ink references the passing of time and the faces, an imprint of a memory.

Perhaps, in relation to news media, a dose of amnesia is a good tonic for us all to take, a break from the relentless cycle, and a time to engage with creativity. Mark-making, the scratch of charcoal, and the fluidity of ink on paper are the marks of myself and my testimony as an artist.

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