Making (mini) mountains out of termite mounds — $120 (framed)
2022, reduction woodcut, edition of ten, 28 x 28cm


Making (mini) mountains out of termite mounds was inspired by a recent visit to Kakadu National Park. Impressed by the tiny homes of the tiny pest, I took photographs and made abstract drawings of these forms. The series of single and multi-woodblock prints render these natural sculptures flat.

My works generally present as a collection of idioms, metaphors, and euphemisms, and explore the tensions inherent to the subjects of nature, language, food, identity, everyday-objects, and Hector — my cat. I am focused on the process of printmaking and small-scale woodcuts and my fasciation with words also means that I have a solid appreciation for humour. My work is an intimate exploration of the process of printmaking, sculpture, and installation, I explore colours and the concept of making sculpture flat, rendering a graphic image. I’ve exhibited in the UK, France, and Canberra, this is my first Sydney show.’

In 2008, I left Sydney for Canberra to study a BVA with Honours at the ANU School of Art. In 2010, at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux Arts in Paris, France, I studied printmaking, sculpture, and installation. In 2012, I graduated from the ANU and was awarded the Emerging Artists’ Support Scheme CCAS studio residency for 2013. In 2020, I completed postgraduate studies in French language and translation at the ANU. In late 2023, I moved back to Sydney to make art in the big smoke.

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