Golden Barley Hotel, Newtown — $350 (framed)
2023, watercolour on 300gsm Fabriano 100% cotton paper, 30 x 40 cm


Emma is a watercolour artist, now in Melbourne but until recently based in Newtown. Emma seeks to get her audience to look twice at local spots by capturing both their past and present in a moment of wonder. Her paintings capture beautiful combinations of light and shade, colour, symmetry and movement in the local built or natural environment. 

Emma has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Monash University and more recently has learnt under Carla Hananiah and Tanya Baily at the ArtEst Art School in Leichardt. She was a finalist in the 2021 Milburn Art Prize and the 2022 Greenway Art Prize.

See more of Emma’s work here or on Instagram @emmagleadhill