Kangaroo Grass — $85
2023, nature print and graphite on Hahnemuhle, 26 x 19.5 cm


I have always been interested in plants in all stages of growth from flowers in full bloom to the wonderful shapes and textures of dried seed pods, grasses and leaves. I’m inspired by the photographs of Karl Blossfeldt and the contemporary botanical work of Julius von Bismarck. As a way of deepening my knowledge about plant life I studied Botanical Illustration from 2017-2020 at the New York Botanical Gardens (NYBG) when I lived in New York City prior to the pandemic.

The way that plants collaborate with the elements of nature to reproduce is truly diverse and fascinating. Native grasses are especially interesting to me as we so often don’t see them, but they are vital to the prevention of soil erosion. The fronds of Kangaroo grass depicted in my print are native to Australia and Africa, the stem and leaf have been hand drawn from life in graphite and Sennelier ink. Underpinning my work is an understanding that the histories of botanical art and printmaking are intertwined through time. I consider these knowledge systems through the contemporary lenses of climate change and colonisation.

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