The Rain Foundry Core 2023 Event showcases Carl Benedict Rain (of Rain Foundry), his digital type foundry (rainfoundry.com) and his debut type catalogue booklet, “Rain Foundry Core 2023”. The booklet introduces five typefaces (three body copy & two decorative) that highlight the flair and spirit of Rain Foundry.

This is a chance to enjoy real-life uses of the typefaces, merchandise, a free promo font (Cardamom) and discounts on the fonts on the Rain Foundry website. There will also be a short presentation on how Rain Foundry came to be and a succinct summary of Carl’s process in creating typefaces.

Finally there will be snacks and beverages for everyone to enjoy and an array of creatives to mingle with. If you’re looking for new typefaces, a nice booklet to add to your library, a chance to network with designer peers and meet up with a budding type designer, this event is most certainly perfect for you…


Carl Rain (of Rain Foundry) is a type designer based in Sydney, Australia. A budding (and self taught) type designer, Carl decided to pursue his dreams to express his creativity, craftsmanship and liberation through type design. Commissions here and there, events jaunted, and now a booklet launch event to advocate his typefaces to the Sydney design community.