Sara Bowen



8-layer reduction lino print. Akua waterbased relief prints on Fabriano Tiepolo 220gsm paper
18.3 x 25.7 cm
edition of 12
$450 (framed) / $300 (unframed)

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Sara Bowen ‘Lifesaver’ $450

Flanges glisten in a plastic box, faintly green. The tired red letters promise miracles, but in a time that challenged all our certainties, did the absent flange save a life? The reduction process reveals the image, layer by layer, echoing the layers of protective clothing, masks and gloves used by the lifesavers. My creative practice is rooted in printmaking. I use different printmaking techniques, drawing, painting, cutting and engraving on paper, wood and slate to explore ambiguous meanings and how memories change over time. I’m a bit obsessed with mental and physical maps, and that peculiar point when something new tips over into familiarity.