Renay Smith


Are we there yet?

linocut relief
48 x 50 cm
$480 (framed)

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Renay Smith ‘Are we there yet?’, $480

Imagine, if you will, a traffic jam through the bends at Buladelah on the Pacific Highway. Endured on a hot vinyl bench seat, permeated by the faint scent of chocolate milkshake and burnt out clutches mixed with too much of the ‘4711’ you got for Christmas.

A time when cars were built to last and an exotic holiday meant a trip to Coffs Harbour to see the Big Banana.

This work commemorates the everyday and aims to have us consider the speed at which society can change in the length of a lifetime. Our contemporary existences have become ever more complicated, we are less inclined to ‘make do’. I’d like the viewer to reflect on the fact that we’ve become a throw-away society that undervalues the commonplace objects and experiences in our lives.

These works are quasi ‘commemorative plates’, a response to the wholesale appropriation of culture, a reflection on our place in the world, Australian iconography and a memory of things rapidly disappearing.