Moon Kerr


Sock Theory (part 1)

16 x 12 cm
edition of 8

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Moon Kerr ‘Sock Theory (part 1)’, $40

Sock Theory (part 2)

17.5 x 12.5 cm

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Moon Kerr ‘Sock Theory (part 2)’ NFS

Both works here are exploring themes I often hone in on within my practice. As two parts of a series, they explore the ways in which trauma impacts our memory and our functioning through imagery of the body. ‘Sock Theory’ was largely inspired by my personal experience with trauma through my life, but was also informed by Richard SIken’s poem ‘Boot Theory’ featured in his collection Crush.

‘Sock Theory’ (part one) is a two-toned bleed print copper etching, that plays on the fracturing of the mind when trauma is experienced, and the deep and often hidden impact it can have on one’s life. ‘Sock Theory’ (part two) contrasts this, being a singular black and white scraperboard work, that instead focuses on a moment itself, the tearing of emotions and struggle to heal beyond the trauma.