Millie Mitchell


kitchen skylight

lithograph on BFK Rives paper
50 x 50 cm
edition of 6
$600 (unframed)

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Millie Mitchell ‘Kitchen Skylight’, $600

Millie Mitchell is an emerging Sydney-based artist. Her creative practice engages with techniques of drawing and printmaking, most notably linocut and lithography. Her work contemplates connections to place, and its impact on a sense of self. Most recently, she has focused on the psychology of home, investigating the influence of past homes on the current self.

‘kitchen skylight’ (2022) captures a humble architectural feature, often bypassed in the busy-ness of life. By its nature of overlooking a space, it patiently waits to be noticed, offering a quiet moment to appreciate the view beyond. The slow process of lithography provides a meditative opportunity to reflect on the beauty of the vignette. The artist contemplates her own fascination with architecture and the significance of this attraction in forming her identity, as an individual and as an artist.