Katika Schultz


Warp & Weft

25 x 25 cm
unique print

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Katika Schultz ‘Warp and Weft’, $180


21 x 30 cm
unique print

Katika Schultz ‘Glitch’ NFS

Through the creative uses of printmaking and drawing techniques, I am driven to make images that address the fragile, unstable and ephemeral dimensions of memory. 

Initially drawn to the printing press for its kinetic and ritualistic processes, I fell in love with its ‘mistakes’; distortions, omissions, happy accidents and completely unexpected outcomes which are the core joys of printmaking for me now. I have learned to take my lead from the press by arriving with a curious and experimental mindset. Printmaking offers an array of textures and marks to create a layered work, simulating a palimpsest of memories and thoughts. 

My piece called Glitch links the theoretical aspects of my work with the technical and aesthetic, I create a conversation about ‘images’. Ghost prints, misprints, glitches and blurs, all can be utilised to reference memory and the unconscious and are grounded in popular psyche, learned through the visual cinematic tropes derived from cinema and art, such as fading, black outs and colour changes.

My work called Warp & Weft is pure homage to the ritual of making. As Artists and viewers we can intellectualise much about artwork, however the pure joy of making is something that is very physical and instant. Whilst making this work I reminded of my grandmother’s knitting and weaving.