Claire Rowe



40.5 x 40.5 cm

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Claire Rowe ‘Waratah’, $200

Gumnuts (Blue)

40.5 x 30 cm

Claire Rowe ‘Gumnuts (Blue)’, $175

I am an artist living and working on Gadigal land/Sydney. While I currently work with acrylics on canvas creating still life paintings, my art practice has also included oils, watercolour and print making. Inspired by my natural surroundings and landscapes of the Australian bush, this lino print series depicts the intricate beauty of our native flora. These prints are two of the original 10 designs in the series.

Alongside my art practice I am a founding member and co-director of Palava, a female led community arts collective. What started as three friends wanting to encourage each other in our art practices has grown to become Palava’s annual group art exhibition, showcasing 70+ female identifying and non-binary artists over the last three years.