Cecilia Jackson


Rebirth #1 & #2

relief embossing on Hahnemühle cotton rag paper
42 x 28 cm
edition of 10
$480 (framed)

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Cecilia Jackson ‘Rebirth #1 & #2’, $480

Cecilia Jackson is a specialist in printmaking methods and process-based art. Jackson’s artistic practice focuses on scientific phenomena including kinetic forces, natural disasters and the resilience of nature.

“Rebirth #1 & #2” explore the wonder of epicormic growth in eucalyptus trees. This natural trigger illustrates the resilience of the Australian landscape after the catastrophic bush fires that decimated the South Coast of NSW in 2019/2020. This work is in response to a previous print by Jackson titled “Remnant” that used ash from the fires as pigment. The use of embossing represents the clean slate that nature offers as the landscape recovers from extreme trauma.