Jennifer Mullen


‘Plains Wanderer’

Entered in the Sulman Prize, 2023

$975 (framed in Meranti)

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2022, oil on panel with rabbit skin glue, 20.3 x 20.3 cm

From a collection of studies of taxidermied birds from Australian Museum and Taronga Zoo. The reference for this painting came from Taronga Zoo, who have a breeding program which is working extremely hard to conserve this remarkable bird for our future. If you know any land owners down near Swan Hill who may be interested in taking part in getting these rare birds released on their land please contact Taronga Zoo.

Here lies a small natural wonder. An awesome beauty. Forever entombed behind glass. Never again to sing, to nest, to fly. Long may we remember our terrible deeds, our lies the making of our own demise. I will follow you soon. Rest in peace friend. Tomorrow I die.