National Focus 

Focus now on the importance of life, and look deeper inside, divulge that outside beauty, that all powerful image of self, corrupted by selfish, egotistical agents, bored behind desks, thrashed by grotesque grandiloquence, bombastic stupor and unintelligence

Keep focusing Now, subscribe to the gateway of the imagination, enter into a world of blinding bliss, a coroner’s twist, a wonder, a dream, and re-enter into a world of engagement, deceived conceived office dwellers, busting into their cellars on a week’s end, with fake friends, until death befriends the enemy, arm around shoulders, of culture and work in progress, making long lasting relationships, AI nonpartisanships, companionships and unshipped containers filled with lies

Mixed media collage on canvas
40 x 50 cm 
$500 unframed / $650 framed

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