Life After Death 

Walking forward under blue obscured skies such a lovely day gone by and bones in the earth are revealed, actions concealed, flowers congealed, melting, religion and hypocrisy, hand in hand, mouths to feed, inboxes full, the message is pulling me in, sucking me dry, send all to the bin, delete spam, Life After Death now seems pedestrian, Aeolian, Elysian, utopian

Now just keep walking—heaven and earth, the hell, the fire burns evermore, within a moment, within the on and off vibration, within the out and in vibration, within the philosophy of familiarities, as green as the blade of a freshly mounted illegal prickly pear planted in suburban streets, subtle feats, Achilles refuses to fight and ends up the victim

Mixed media collage on canvas
40 x 50 cm 
$500 unframed / $650 framed