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Subscribe Now is my first collage series of nine canvases that include arbitrary bits and pieces of paper from art magazines. The series is accompanied with a poem I wrote which connects the series together.

All the canvases were given to me by a friend, and they have been upcycled, prepared, and created for this particular collage series and exhibition.”

Nectarios Livisianos is a Sydney born abstract expressionist painter who uses vibrant colours to create different moods in his works. A vivid colour palette delivers a sense of cheerfulness, moodiness and a little tongue in cheek humour to his audience.

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Breathing Out is a new photographic series observing entropy.

‘The premise for this series is quite small. I started noticing the drips from our shower that collected on the tiles overnight. They looked interesting and so varied. So I started taking photos. That was when the great variety really struck me — it was chaos theory in action in this very everyday place, and in a way that was so easy to see.’

Felix Oppen is a designer with a passion for photography and letterpress printing. He has studied photography at Sydney Photographic Workshop, ACP, with Gordon Undy and Henry Horenstein. His style of photography generally falls into the category of street photography.

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