Will Elika


Reflection in the Lagoon 

Acrylic, MTN 94 spray paint, Molotov paint pens on canvas
46 x 46 cm 
$250 (unframed)

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The lagoons back home in the Cook Islands were always this beautiful mix of blue and cyan. When the waters are calm you could see the sand below and even your reflection but it becomes difficult to see when it is disturbed by wind or splashing. This gave me the inspiration for my piece.

The canvas is divided into 2 halves:

On the right-hand side, a number of symbols, shapes and figures.

The figures in cyan symbolize society and all its pressures (technology, money and status, beauty and identity)

The symbols in white represent family, responsibility, culture and pride

The square shapes above the symbols represent structure and continuity

The bold white lines create the ‘individual’ who is buried amongst these symbols and figures and has the weight of it all leaning on him like a crucifix.

On the left-hand side there is nothing but calm and tranquility.

The story – There are times where there is so much happening in our lives that it creates so much distortion and chaos that sometimes we need to step back and let the surface settle and look at our reflection and appreciate its beauty.

I wanted to create a piece where one can look at during crazy times – look at the symbols and figures, then look to the left where it is quiet and hopefully inspire peace and calm ????