Nectarios Livisianos


Modern Day Thinker

mixed media on canvas
40 x 40 cm
$350 (unframed)

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Nectarios Livisianos is a Sydney born abstract expressionist painter who uses vibrant colours to create different moods in his works. A vivid colour palette delivers a sense of cheerfulness, moodiness and a little tongue in cheek humour to his audience.

Only time will tether the muddled mind
Hands are tied
The troubled kind

Splendid is the thought that
Unravels a hidden disparate reasoning
Ephemeral is the earthly pleasures,
Broigus and fantoosh, fatuous
Influencing the incessant nomophobic
nascent technological wizard

The mind wonders, eradicates,
Strips naked truths and sanity
Cringingly remembering unforeseen gratuity

Thoughts symbolic

Theoretical examination
Harmonic mystic and…

Round and round inside your head
I sit and contemplate the road ahead

Miss me
Miss me
No AI impresses me
No yes can poison me
No corruption fears me
Free of fear
Free of hope
I am free