Jeremy How


CYAN in four stages 

digital illustration with pencil
32 x 32 cm
$200 (framed)

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The work CYAN in four stages is a reflection of influence and exploration. Growing up in a sleepy coastal town, fighting ennui, Jeremy found creative expression in a haze of aerosol. Escaping into the big smoke he pursued a career in graphic design. This cemented a deep love for letters and the ability to feed himself. In the relentless pursuit of dopamine, he found and lost love. Upon reflection, it wasn’t a constant surrounding of steel, concrete, and adrenaline that ignited this creative expression, but of exploration by the ocean, discovering graffiti along the way and sharing the experience with chosen loved ones. A slower, calmer pace that quietly stands still and allows the environment to cover you.

Jeremy How is a graphic designer by trade, living by the ocean on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Hailing from the Mid-North Coast, his work is heavily influenced by nature and graffiti—writen word in public.  Letter obsessed, he loves the supple curves, smooth lines and mouth-watering shapes. As soon as he finishes writing this, he can stop being a creep and get back to work.