As well as our own work, we hold some pieces available for sale from the talented artists who have formed the core of Tiliqua over the years. Please contact us for more information or to arrange purchase of any of these works.

Felix Oppen

Felix is one of the founding members of Tiliqua Tiliqua. He holds a BSc (Hons) and a BA from the University of Sydney, plus a MDes from UTS. He has worked as a court clerk, a bartender, a graphic designer and as a lecturer in design. He is editor and founder of the award-wining Ligature Journal, a magazine devoted to all things design, and co-author of GDASM. He has a passion for type design, photography, letterpress printing and acquiring objects that drive his partner to distraction.

Kate Riley

Kate is also one of the founding members of Tiliqua Tiliqua. She has held down more jobs than Felix but is not prepared to commit these to paper. Her life changed with a BFA (Hons) from the National Art School, where she majored in printmaking. She is an over-consumer of art, wine, food and fibre and a reluctant wearer of sensible shoes.

‘The move to a new studio has initiated a shift in (not to mention a solid boot to the butt of) my artistic practice. I have allowed myself the freedom to play with the processes and media that fascinate me—rust, fibre, meditative hand-stitching, random markings. My recent works are a response to many inspirations: desert landscapes seen from the air, the marking insects make under tree bark, the traces left in sand by birds and crabs. The maps written by natural processes that are guiding me… somewhere.’

Yori Price

Yori was born in Yokohama, Japan, and immigrated to Australia in 2000. She finished her MFA at the National Art School (NAS) in 2013, majoring in printmaking.

‘Her work interprets Japan’s native nature aesthetic, which colours her perspective with its placement of nature at the centre of its philosophy. Specifically, she is influenced by Shintoism and Zen Buddhism, the latter teaching the beauty of imperfection in nature which is an important part of her aesthetic. Her current projects are based on the integration of her aforementioned Japanese aesthetic and philosophy, with her experience of Western culture.’ (Zoe Harrington)

Yori was one of the first members of Tiliqua Studio. She paints, prints and has just moved into ceramics. She is a force of nature.



Nicholas is an artist that’s fallen off the tracks. Years ago he would’ve classed himself as a Portrait Painter but the thought of picking up a brush now makes him violently ill*. Instead of painting Nicholas has turned to pencils, textas, watercolour and pads and pads of paper making not quite sure what but enjoying the journey to who knows where.

(* Which is odd, because the portraits he has painted are wonderful – Kate)

Ro Murray

Since finishing her BFA (Hons) at the National Art School in 2010, Ro has worked predominantly in a cross-disciplinary arts practice across drawing and sculptural installation. Her attention to form, site and materials relate to her previous thirty year career as an architect. More recently she has been lino printing to make multi-sheet installations and extending prints to site-responsive wall pieces.

Vintage Posters

In 2008, Felix decided to start collecting vintage posters. Over the years he added to his initial purchases, however, life and priorities have changed. So now Felix has decided to let some of his treasures go.

The posters for sale are mainly French – designers include Bernard Villemot & Raymond Savignac – together with a few from the US and one from Australia. The oldest is from the 1930s and there is at least one from each decade up to the 1980s. Most are lithographs with the remainder screen prints.

The vibrancy of the colours and the design and technical craft that has gone into the production of these (often quite large) works is remarkable. These are statement pieces, as beautiful as they are significant to the history of posters, advertising and our cultural life.