This January We Moved

That’s right. At the beginning of 2022 we moved the studio, two 600kg presses and all, from St Peters to 257 Enmore Rd, Enmore. Just a small distance, but it was a mammoth effort! And after all the kerfuffle, we are finally settling in and working again.

We’ve decided to call our new place TILIQUA TILIQUA
We have painted inside and out (the building was the most tragic pink you could imagine)
Our presses are set up (talk to us about renting time to print)

Kate’s work space is set up
Felix’s work space is set up
We’ve created a typeface for the place

Signage is underway
This website is now due for a major overhaul

Hey, we also now have a small exhibition room available for rent woohoo (if you’ve got some work you want to show, let’s talk).

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