how does tiliqua tiliqua gallery work?

Tiliqua Tiliqua is a small, elegant but friendly exhibition space established in 2022 by Felix Oppen and Kate Riley.

We are an Artist Run Initiative (or ARI if you are into acronyms). This means we are artists ourselves, not professional gallerists. We are here for anyone wanting to use our space to exhibit their artwork, launch their album/typeface/book, run a workshop or for any other creative endeavour*.

We don’t take any commission on sales, just a flat fee for using the gallery. This does mean that anyone using the space is responsible for looking after it, in other words you need to be in the gallery while it is open to the public.

If Tiliqua Tiliqua sounds just the place you are looking for, check availability in the calendar and read on for lots more helpful information.

gallery availability

Gallery bookings run Tuesday to Monday. Available dates are shown in white.

< February 2024 >
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
      1MdS all day
2MdS all day
3MdS all day
4MdS all day
5MdS all day
6 7 8CAT all day
9CAT all day
10CAT all day
12 13SWP 1 all day
14SWP 1 all day
15SWP 1 all day
16SWP 1 all day
17SWP 1 all day
18SWP 1 all day
19SWP 1 all day
20SWP 2 all day
21SWP 2 all day
22SWP 2 all day
23SWP 2 all day
24SWP 2 all day
25SWP 2 all day
26SWP 2 all day
27SWP 2 all day
28SWP 2 all day
29SWP 2 all day

*limited only by your imagination, current laws (including the laws of physics) and ethical considerations.