Brighten up this wet weekend with a last chance to see ‘Miracles and Gratitude’

We’re excited to be able to share Lissa Barnum’s vibrant, beautiful artwork with you for one extra weekend. For a riot of colour that will brighten this grey, sodden Sydney weekend come and visit us at Tiliqua Tiliqua this Saturday and Sunday, 8 and 9 October.


Virgin of Guadalupe with imploring child / Virgencita con nina suplicante, Acrylic and black sharpie on wood, 106 x 45.5 cm  $2200


Vulnerable / Bulnerable, Acrylic and black sharpie on cardboard, 23.5 x 35 cm  $300

Together we can / Juntos Podemos, Acrylic on two pieces of cardboard, approx 95 x 98 cm  $1500 (sold as pair)


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