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tiliqua tiliqua

is the name of our small (but perfectly formed) gallery at 257 Enmore Rd, Enmore. The gallery is usually open 12–6pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 12–4pm Sunday while an exhibition is on, or at other times by arrangement. Please check the opening times for the current exhibition here on the website or in our social media. At this time the gallery is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

The gallery space is available for hire at very reasonable rates! Please contact us if you want to arrange a visit, or if you would like to know more about renting the space.

tiliqua studio

is a combined design, art-making and gallery space that is the permanent creative home of Felix Oppen and Kate Riley. They are more than happy to share the space, and their two presses (one etching press and one letterpress) with others.

If you want to rent some time on the presses, or organise a workshop in the studio space contact us for information about availability and rates.