beach walk (Murramurang)

An ongoing series documenting walks along the high tide mark on Murramurang Beach on the south coast of New South Wales. A lovely beach, a wonderful walk. Just point the iPhone and shoot, whatever it captures, I draw. Highlight walks include the strangeness of seeing dozens of freshly dead fish, swept in by the storm the night before, stretching in a line along the beach to the confusion of the gulls.

CHARCOAL PENCIL on bfk rives
66 x 50 cm


time and tide

In the first week of November, Michele and Kate put up a short-lived (but greatly enjoyable) exhibition at the Watch House Gallery, Balmain. The show focussed on their prints, drawings and artist’s books inspired by the ephemera and detritus deposited at the high tide mark.

Thank you to everyone who made it to the show. Watch out for the next Tiliqua Studio exhibition to be held at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery in April next year.

drawings and studies

At the beginning of the year (how can it be August already?) I formulated a plan to execute a series of drawings of the girls as they make the inevitable journey through puberty. They may move faster thank I can keep up, though…


and I keep worrying at my bones.

murramarang walk

In April I took the family for a walk along the best beach in the world (at least for us) to check in on the remains of a whale that had washed up a few months before. It was the day after a big storm, the light was clear and strong and the beach was littered with seaweed that had been torn up by the waves. In amongst the weed were scores of newly dead fish. I have never seen anything like it before, even the gulls seemed perplexed.

The weed (and fish) made wonderful patterns along the beach. Inspiring patterns! These are a the start of a series of studies, which hopefully will translate into part of the larger work that Michele and I have launched ourselves into. So, it’s loose and expressive carborundum experiments by day, and these by night…


Wave form

Much of my work is concerned with the beach. It’s hard to ignore the ocean.
A way to represent the movement of water was needed.
Trying to contain it in a box somehow made sense.

Artists’ book / 2011 / unique
woodblock on Asian Sand paper
hand painted fabric covered box
dimension (closed) 22.5 x 29 x 10.5 cm



Maps of my Creative Dilemmas… Probably an ongoing series.

Titles to date…
Dead End.

At times creativity eludes me and frustration sets in.
My response has been to describe my emotions in maps.
By using heavy paper and varied foldings I may be increasing my exasperation as I have never found maps easy to refold.

Artist Book / 2011 / unique
copperplate etching on somerset paper
folded and secured with elastic
dimensions varied