These mezzotints are a series I have been working on (off and on) for several years dealing with the resonance of empty spaces and discarded objects.

… Houses and bodies
have memories, but forget.
Things drop through cracks.
Mice chew old letters…
from Habitat by Judith Wright

… A house that has been experienced is not an inert box. …
Objects that are cherished…are born of an intimate light, and they attain a higher degree of reality than indifferent objects… they produce a new reality of being.
from The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard


  1. In every dwelling, even the richest, the first task of the phenomenologist is to find the original shell.
    All really inhabited space bears the essence of the notion of home.
    If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.

    The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

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