Thursday 14 – Sunday 24 August, 2014

Opening Night : 6–8pm Friday 15 August

Gallery open 11am – 6pm Wednesday to Sunday


Chrissie Cotter Gallery
Pidcock St Camperdown
With thanks to Marrickville Council, without whose support this exhibition would not have been possible.



Profile HAMISH

Hamish Gilbert

Hamish studied painting but has not exhibited since 1995 (Offcuts, Chrissie Cotter Gallery). At that time he had just started to experiment with technology as part of his creative process. This led to a career as a cross-platform designer and animator. Hamish now specialises in animation production which communicates complex information in engaging ways for clients such as ABC TV, Mythbusters, UNSW, News Life Media and AMP Capital.

Hamish dreams that one day he will smash his computers and return to painting for pleasure. He hopes his involvement in this exhibition is the first part of the process…


Stephen Goddard

Design and art – whilst different practices at their essence – can often be rendered in a point of crossover. It sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what territory that work occupies, but it can be exhilarating, informative and entertaining to find out. Stephen’s work in this exhibition is both a commercial and a personal result of a photographic exploration of organic geometry – finding beauty where the viewer may or may not recognise it exists.


Ben Hay

During the 9 to 5, Ben is the creative director of graphic design studio Honey Rogue Design. In the 5 to 9 he sketches, screen prints, scribbles, sharpies, carves, rolls and stencils the art he sees in his mind when it is allowed to wander freely. For the Tiliqua Group show he has prepared ‘My Type Of Music’, a series of printed poster illustrations exploring lyrics and typography.


Esther Neate

The surfaces that surround us provide maps for navigating a history of change; of activity in that space, of natural phenomena, bodies and elements. Through a process and material driven approach I investigate patterns of transformation and representations of the passage of time.


Fran Nielsen

Fran worked as a designer and art director for twenty years in the advertising industry, in London and Adelaide. She completed her Masters in Art Therapy at the University of Western Sydney in 2005 and works as an art therapist at the Walker Adolescent Unit, Concord Centre for Mental Health with traumatised children and their families. She also has a private practice in art therapy for adults and young people.

In her personal art making Fran explores her relationship with her unconscious through dreams and discovering the metaphoric meaning found in familiar everyday objects.


Felix Oppen

Felix is a designer with a focus on print-based design, information design and typography. He is a graduate of Billy Blue and of the UTS Master of Design program. With some twenty years experience, he has been involved with three design practices and has worked both solo and in teams for clients whose business areas range from finance to the arts. He currently runs Langue graphic design company, teaches at Billy Blue and is the co-author of a text book on graphic design for Australian students.


Yori Tajitsu Price

Yori was born in Yokohama, Japan and emigrated to Australia in 2000. In 2013 she completed a MFA at The National Art School (NAS), majoring in printmaking. Her work interprets Japan’s native nature aesthetic, which colours her perspective with its placement of nature at the centre of its philosophy. She also represents the universal aspect into two dimensional forms, influenced by interspace ideology. 

Her current projects are about integrating her native spiritual aspect with the new environmental status within printmaking practice, which depicts her fundamental aesthetic within Japanese symbolic colour themes which represent; nature, poetic mood and her inner spiritualism as her own generated language.

sea creatures 3

Kate Riley

Kate’s recent work has focussed on the littoral zone – the stretch of beach between the high and low tides, belonging neither to the sea nor the land. In her drawings, her virtual beach-combing results in tantalising glimpses of the rich, usually unseen, life of the ocean. Meanwhile, the results of her actual beach-combing sprout knitted accretions that bring new, fanciful life to the ocean’s discards.

Maps 2

Michele Skelton

Michele has always been an analog girl, starting her creative life in the fashion industry. Having studied printmaking at the National Art School, Sydney, she now brings her eye for detail, colour and line to the creation of elegantly intricate prints and books.

“At times creativity eludes me and frustration sets in.
My response has been to describe my emotions in maps.
By using heavy paper and varied foldings I may be increasing my exasperation as I have never found maps easy to refold.”