Back at last

That turned into a slightly longer break than we’d hoped, with the intervention of the unwelcome guest COVID! But the gallery is open again, and this is a great time to come and look at Yori Price’s amazing paintings.

We did manage to sneak in a proper opening party, and it was great to see so many people coming out on a cold Sydney Sunday.



Some of you will have enjoyed seeing a small selection Yori’s paintings in our first exhibition. Now we get a chance to showcase her work! Yori trained as a printmaker at the National Art School, and brings that sensibility along with her immersion in the traditions of Japanese Shintoism and Zen Buddhism to her painting practice.

These abstract landscapes are Yori’s response to the traditions of her upbringing in Japan and her wonder at experiencing the Australian bush when she immigrated here in the early 2000s. With their thickly applied paint contrasting with delicate and calligraphic pencil markings and washes of colour, these paintings are evocative and sensual.

Join Yori for drinks in the Gallery on Sunday June 5, from 4 to 6 pm.



Time to celebrate — with art and friends

After all the hard work comes the party.
Our first party in our new studio.
Our first exhibition in our new gallery.
Please join us!

Saturday 23 April 2022
from 2.00pm till late
257 Enmore Rd, Enmore

Featuring work from Anna Bunn Decombes, Cay Barnum, Ed McFarland, Eleanor Oppen-Riley, Felix Oppen, Harriett Clark, Kate Riley, Ro Murray, Sarah Bunn, Yori Price

Come to see work from the artists who have been with us since our first days in St Peters, the artists who have joined us in Enmore, and the artists who grew up with us. Then stay for the wine and good cheer. We hope this is only the first of many opportunities to share our hard work and our good times with you. But don’t miss out on the big one.

The exhibition runs until 15 May 2022. The gallery will be open 12.30-6.30pm Thursday to Sunday, other times by whim or arrangement.

We hope to see you soon, preferably with glasses in our hands.

This January We Moved

That’s right. At the beginning of 2022 we moved the studio, two 600kg presses and all, from St Peters to 257 Enmore Rd, Enmore. Just a small distance, but it was a mammoth effort! And after all the kerfuffle, we are finally settling in and working again.

We’ve decided to call our new place TILIQUA TILIQUA
We have painted inside and out (the building was the most tragic pink you could imagine)
Our presses are set up (talk to us about renting time to print)

Kate’s work space is set up
Felix’s work space is set up
We’ve created a typeface for the place

Signage is underway
This website is now due for a major overhaul

Hey, we also now have a small exhibition room available for rent woohoo (if you’ve got some work you want to show, let’s talk).